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G-Pen Vaporizer Pen - Whole Kit

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The G-Pen Vaporizer from Grenco Science™ has been touted by many as a game changer. Combining the most advanced vaporizer technology with feedback from herbalists and customers, like you, we have engineered exactly what is missing from the aromatherapy community.

First we started with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Not just any battery, though; a G Pen! Our G Pen was specifically engineered to work with the G Tank, so it transfers just enough power through the tank system to vaporize essential oils at the ideal temperature before combustion. The “G Pen” is intended to make your personal aromatherapy practice more convenient, and discreet.

What was that? Don’t want to mess with a bunch of small parts, book-like instruction manuals and complex filling processes? Don’t worry, the G Pen comes with a battery that is already charged, and an empty tank system so user-friendly that anyone can remove the plastic storage cap, insert their ingredients, and vaporize within minutes of opening their new G Box; no small pieces that can get lost or broken, super easy to fill, and ready to insert into your daily aromatherapy regiment right out of the box!

The G Tank was designed to vaporize essential oils, which is growing in popularity amongst the “alternative” community. Taking all the most important variables into consideration, like temperature, average density, weight and consistency, we constructed a tank system that vaporizes, not combusts your ingredients. “Vaporization” is becoming more popular because the process essentially eliminates harmful toxins that are normally present in smoke by heating its contents below the point of combustion, which also maximizes the intended effects of your ingredients through a smooth, cool vapor.

Whether the G Pen is joining your daily health regiment, or is a part of a new one, Grenco Science™ is proud to be a part of it. We value, above all, quality of life. Vaporizing is healthier than combustion methods, and our user-friendly G Pen and Tank is a more convenient, effective, and discreet way to “vape” whatever brings quality into your life. We invite you to join the G Family to see what everyone is smiling about.

Note: This unit is only compatible with Oils/Concentrates – No herbs.
Accessories (Included):

1 x G Tank
1 x G Tool
1 x Wall Charger
1 x AC Adapter
2 x Essential Oil Containers