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Our Featured Hookah Tobacco  –  Halo, Fantasia, and Starbuzz.
We have many flavors of hookah tobacco, and steam stones available.

“Double Apple Beamer Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses 250 gram tin. Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste! 100 % Tobacco, Nicotine & Tar Free but more taste than tocabco! Compare to Starbuzz & Save Your Health and Money!!! GREAT TASTING FLAVOR without the harmful side effects! GREAT TASTE, LOTS OF SMOKE & SMELLS GREAT!!! Great smoke, awesome taste and sweet aftertaste! There is no bitter after taste. The smoke clouds have great volume and bowl burns longer than Starbuzz!! The DOUBLE APPLE actually has the aftertaste of BLACK LICORICE. My wife doesn’t care for it because she doesn’t like black licorice but does like the apple. Just being fair for those who are skeptical. If you like apple and black licorice, you won’t be disappointed! Recommend to keep it in the fridge as it suggests and make sure you are using fresh water in your hookah, preferrably ice water. The Beamer stuff I have purchased is 1/3 of the price of Starbuzz and I think a better smoke. Definately recommend! “

Halo Hookah

Starbuzz Hookah

Fantasia Hookah

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